What to Bring:
Bible, Hymn Book, Warm Clothes, Boots, Towel, Toiletries, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Extra sport clothes and shoes, Umbrella, Flashlight, a Great ATTITUDE!!
Medical Form
*The Medical Information form must be sent to us with signatures to: 5627 W. Flowing Lake Rd., Snohomish WA 98290 Only Those 17 and under are required to send the medical form
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Travel Guidelines
Flights can be made to and from the Seattle airport. Please let us know your travel arrangements so we will have someone there to pick you up!
Questions? Please contact cyc.secretary@monroechristadelphians.com
1. Maintain a Christ-like attitude to one another.
2. Attendance to all classes and evening programs is required.
3. Curfew: 11PM. Please do not leave your cabin after curfew.
4. Cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, drugs – these substances are not permitted at any time (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
5. Abstain from all appearance of evil – 2 Thess. 5:22. Absolutely NO guys entering girls’ cabins or girls entering guys’ cabins.
6. Attire must be modest and appropriate – i.e. no spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, mini-skirts, exposed midriffs, etc… (1 Pet. 3:3-4). Meeting attire is required at all classes and memorial service.
7. Sisters should wear a head-covering to all classes.
8. Memorial service will be conducted and fellowship invited under the BASF.
9. No electronic equipment, is allowed at the camp. Please leave these in your car or at home! Do not use your phone as your Bible, please bring your Bible!
10. Be discreet in all things showing yourself a pattern of good works, having sound speech, that cannot be condemned (Titus 2:6-8). Help each other to develop a Godly mind. Conversations should be centered around such things.
11. No-one is to leave the grounds without permission. Everyone must stay in the area of the main buildings and cabins unless going on a group hike with permission.
12. Any damage or needed repair must be reported immediately.
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