The books of Kings and Chronicles represent a substantial proportion of the Old Testament, and cover a period of around 380 years. During the period of the divided kingdom not one good king sat on the throne of Israel, and only seven in Judah, and some of these failed at the end of their life.
God raised up prophets in Israel and Judah to encourage, rebuke, and condemn according to the testimony of Hos. 6:5 – “Therefore have I hewed the by the prophets; I have slain them by the words of my mouth.” Many of these prophets interacted with kings in both kingdoms and twelve of them recorded prophecies under Divine inspiration. The history of many kings fascinatingly becomes prophecy.
Brother Jim Cowie, from the Moreton Bay ecclesia in Brisbane, Australia, was the guest study leader for the weekend.
Class 1: The legacy of David – Preparation for the temple and crucial final words

Class 2: The law of the king and the failure of Solomon – Division of the kingdom

Class 3: Wreckers and reformers – Rehoboam, Jeroboam, Abijah, Asa and Jehoshaphat

Class 4: The secret of ecclesial growth – Jehoshaphat’s successful campaign of education

Class 5: Babylonian apostasy in Israel – Ahab, Jezebel, Elijah and Elisha – Future foretold

Class 6: The danger of compromise to the outcomes of reformation – Ahab and Jehoshaphat

Class 7: The destruction of the house of Ahab – Jehoram, Elisha, Jehu and Jehonadab

Class 8: Prophecy of events leading to AD 70 – Jehoiada, Jehoshabeath, Joash and Zechariah

Class 9: Prophecy of latter day Israel – Jeroboam ll, Uzziah the would-be Messiah

Class 10: The year king Uzziah died – Jotham – Prophecy of Christ’s Second Advent

Class 11: Pekah, Ahaz, Isaiah, Micah and a covenant with the Assyrians – Prophecy of the latter days

Class 12: Hezekiah in Isaiah – Pattern for Christ – The keys of the Kingdom revealed

Class 13: Hezekiah in Isaiah – The latter day Assyrian and king of the north

Class 14: Hezekiah in Isaiah – Pattern for the latter days – The Gogian invasion

Class 15: Manasseh – Babylonian apostasy in Judah and reform – Pattern for the nation

Class 16: Zephaniah, Josiah, Jeremiah – Friendship, reformation, disappointment and tragedy

Class 17: The evil progeny of Josiah – Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah

Exhortation: “Israel shall say, We have no king”

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