The Monroe and Seattle Christadelphian ecclesias hosted a Prophecy Weekend to encourage and reinvigorate those looking forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brethren Paul and David Billington of the Brantford Ecclesia in Ontario were kind enough to speak this year. The topic for the weekend was, “When these things begin to come to pass…” They shared some valuable thoughts regarding current events surrounding natural Israel, discussing the lives of those in and around the West Bank, Israel in the media, and the political landscape as it relates to God’s promised land. All classes are available below, including Sunday’s exhortation and the evening lecture. Enjoy!
Class 1: The Latter-Day Assyrian & The War Against Israel
Speaker: Bro. Paul Billington

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Class 2: In the Midst of the Land
Speaker: Bro. David Billington

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Class 3: Israel’s Current Trial
Speaker: Bro. Paul Billington

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Class 4: Israel in the Media: Gathering the Nations to Armageddon
Speaker: Bro. David Billington

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Exhortation: The Song of Moses
Speaker: Bro. David Billington

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Public Lecture: Russia & The Islamic State at the Time of the End – What the Bible has Foretold!
Speaker: Bro. Paul Billington

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